Our Story

History of Agape Force Ministry

In 1986, American Missionaries Gary and Harriet Ham observed that their teenage sons did not understand the messages and the proceedings of normal services in church. They both wondered why and sought to prayerfully seek a solution to their observation. They eventually came up with the idea of organizing Sunday School for teenagers. They thought of doing it in a way that it will appeal to their group. The Teenage group thrived for a while but the need to become more formal became a necessity. The couple now sought the advice and permission of the Archbishop Most Rev Prof. Benson Idahosa JP. The Archbishop gave his blessings and the group was named Agape Force.
The young group grew steadily as they organized picnics, bible and academic quiz, games and other activities that help facilitate fellowship. That was mainly Faith Arena in the years 1986-1988. Agape Force started in Miracle Center in 1986 before C.G.M. Headquarters moved to Faith Arena that same year.
The time then came for the Missionaries to go back to America. The question was: who will now be the new leader? Deacon Ogbe Oviaesu was asked to take over; he however requested to be allowed to remain with the children’s Department. The Archbishop commissioned three young ministers namely – Rev. Humphery Areghan, Rev. Francis Umemezia and Rev. Festus Akhimien. As God would have it, Rev Humphery Arheghan took up the mantle of leadership in the year 1988. He started a teenage executive and got the group recognized in the Church Council and Constitution. He was named the National Director of Agape Force and got the group established in the main branches of Church of God Mission nationwide.

In 1991 Agape Force held its first National Camp meeting and more other camp meetings were organized in the preceding years (the first camp meeting was held in 1991 with less than 100 campers). In the year 1993, he formed a National Leadership that consisted of Zonal Coordinators to oversee the branches from Headquarters to the grassroots.

In 1997, Rev. Humphrey Arheghan had to travel for studies outside the country and he handed the leadership of Agape Force to Dcn. Daniel Okhionkpamwonyi in the interim. Dcn. Daniel managed the affairs of the ministry alongside Rev. Bada Adebayo from 1998 – 1999.

Upon his return from studies in 1999, Rev. Humphrey Arheghan continued as the National Director of Agape Force working with Rev. Bada Adebayo as Deputy and other existing executives to ensure that the ministry continued its mandate. This leadership ran from 1999 – 2001.

In 2001, the Archbishop, appointed Rev. Bada Adebayo as the Agape Force National Director and he led the ministry from 2001 to 2007.

In 2007, Rev. Humphrey Arheghan was reappointed by the Arch. Bishop, Rev. Margaret Idahosa as the Agape Force National Director. Rev. Humphrey re-jiggled the National Executive and began countless visits to the various zones and Bishoprics. At this time, the Agape Force Regional structure was used which had the Northern Region, Delta Zone, Lagos Zone, Edo Zone, South-South Zone etc. The goal of the zones was to hold zonal & regional camp meetings outside the National Camp meetings as well as groom and train Agape Force leaders in the Zones and Bishoprics. During this period, Rev. Bada Adebayo served as the Deputy National Director.

In 2015, Rev. Humphrey Arheghan handed over to Rev. Bada Adebayo as the interim National Director to be supported by Engr. Stanley Hart. This leadership as an interim was short-lived as the Arch. Bishop, Rev. Margaret Benson Idahosa appointed Rev. Akan Sebastian in 2016 as the National Director to Agape Force and Engr. Stanley Hart as the Deputy National Director. This appointment still stands till date (2020).

In keeping with the mandate given to him by the Archbishop, Rev. Akan Sebastian introduced two brands in Agape Force, these are: “When Teens Pray” and “Saving The Next Generation”. The two brands were made fully functional in the year 2018 with a twice-yearly Prayer gathering across all Agape Force Bishoprics & Zones nationwide.

“When Teens Pray” is aimed at raising a National interest in the heart of Teenagers from a righteous perspective about becoming leaders in every sector. It uses the teaching instrumentality of prayers to set teenagers ready for future leadership positions.

“Saving The Next Generation” is a way of adopting a multi-generational perspective that provides opportunity got those older and wider in faith to impact a spiritual legacy to the next generation. It is a responsibility and lifestyle. It is patterned in an “Intentional Mentoring” drive where even teenagers themselves are patterned to mentor the younger generation.

Similarly, it its stride to ensure every teenager and leader of Agape Force is reached with the right message, Rev. Akan Sebastian approved the Voice of Agape (VOA) as the Official Social Media information unit of Agape Force Ministry saddled with the responsibility of providing updated information and godly messages to teenagers and leaders.

Agape Force Ministry over 34 years later is well established in most of the branches of CGMI both in the cities and rural areas and several sister churches. It had also become the pioneering church based teenage group in the country. It has produced many generations of leaders that the Church is proud of. Men like Pastor Andrew Abiodu who was the first branch President in Miracle Centre, Rev. and Mrs Ubamadu, Bishop Wale Ajayi, Rev. James Areghan, Rev. Osas Obarisiagbon, Rev. Tobe Godson, Martins Ugege, Rev. Henry Maido, The Okhuoyas and a whole lot of others across the globe doing very well. Others include Engr. Christopher Ayidu (renowned engineer and pastor), Teajey Chunu (life coach and teen mentor), Dr. Miracle Akaonye and many others.

The group has carried out a lot of outreach to rural areas around Benin City and have been involved in many community projects at the Bishopric and Zonal levels. The rural communities include Ekenwan barrack (the church there was given a roof), Egor village Abudu village Aihuobakun village where a borehole project is ongoing and many other communities.

Since 2019 till date, Agape Force Ministry has embarked on serious integrated on its leaders across the country into the central communication channel using social media to ensure that all leaders are delivering the expected mentoring and guides that the teenagers of this generation require with the hope of producing adults in the future who will hold on to the God of their fathers.

In May, 2020 following the Coronavirus Pandemic, the National Leadership of Agape Force for the first time designed and hosted a 30 Days Online Bash on Social Media with the goal of helping teenagers stay connected as well as learn important life truths. The successful completion of the Online Bash gave birth to a weekly Online event tagged “AFM Word Blast” with the “BLAST” meaning “Building Lives Around Sound Truth”. Its goal is not just to give our teenagers the opportunity to show to the World what they have learnt and what they are made of but also to sell the truths of the Gospel to both teenagers and adults who come in contact with its contents.